It is really hard to continue doing something you believe in when you don’t get a desirable response from others. Like putting posts on facebook and getting 3 likes, or singing a song and being told it was “okay.” Of course, such things shouldn’t be the source of one’s worth, but hey, I’ human. And as much as I know I shouldn’t, I do care about that stuff.

Unfortunately, it is really hard for me to be obedient to GOD when what HE asks me to do makes me “unpopular” or “uncool.” That might seem childish, but even kings and presidents care about their reputations and genuinely long to be liked. Maybe some of us want to be adored a little more than we should (I’m SO talking to me!)

So, what do we do to fix the problem? Well, I haven’t exactly figured that out yet. I am still finding my voice. But I know that GOD gave me one for a reason, and I was not put on this earth to be quiet and make everybody “comfortable” (never did like that word anyway!) So, no matter how others feel about it, I choose to serve GOD and live a Spirit lead life. It’s gonna be hard, but I know GOD is calling me to speak up, so I am gonna speak; it’s the least I can do for the man who saved my life by giving HIS! ;}

Hope you’ll stick with me along this CRAZY journey!!! ;}


Comments on: "Can I be real with you guys?" (2)

  1. I love you too, Lynn! GOD knew that I needed to hear that, and I thank you for saying it! You are so precious to me! ;}

  2. i love you, Lexi.

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